JUNE 17 - JUNE 29, 2022
Jordan Extension - JUNE 29-JULY 3, 2022

Postponed Due to Covid-19



Friday, June 17

Arrival in Tel Aviv ​

Saturday, June 18

Caesarea Maritima

Haifa Bahai Gardens

Acre Crusader Remains

Ibillin, Fr. Chacour Visit 

Overnight in Nazareth 

Sunday, June 19

Golan Heights

Druze Village Meeting

Fr. Chacour's Destroyed Palestinian Village


Overnight in Nazareth

Monday, June 20

Capernaum Historical Tour

Tabgha, Garden Eucharistic Service

Lunch at St. Peter's Restaurant​

Boat Ride on Sea of Galilee 

Mount of Beatitudes 

Overnight in Nazareth 

Tuesday, June 21

Nazareth Tour

Travel Down to Jericho

Jordan River

View of Mt. of Temptations & Zacchaeus Tree

Overnight in Jericho

Wednesday, June 22



Dead Sea 

Overnight in Jericho

Thursday, June 23

Shepherd's Field & Caves

Lunch at Bedouin Style Restaurant

Church of Nativity, Bethlehem

Evening to Shop at Local Markets

Overnight in Bethlehem 

Friday, June 24

Separation Wall Tour

Checkpoint Walk Through

Rachel's Tomb 

Aida Refugee Camp 

Fair-Trade Shopping

Overnight in Bethlehem

Saturday, June 25


Christian Peacemakers Team

Lunch with a Palestinian Muslim Family

Settlement Tour & Meeting with a Settler

Overnight in Bethlehem

Sunday, June 26

Al Walajeh Village 

Roots Meeting, Israeli/Palestinian Peace Initiative

Holy Land Trust - Healing Trauma and Fear

Tomb of Lazarus

Overnight in Jerusalem 

Monday, June 27

Temple Mount Tour 

Western Wall 

Bethesda and Church of Saint Anne

Yad Vashem: Holocaust Memorial

Overnight in Jerusalem

Tuesday, June 28

Mt. of Olives

Palm Sunday Procession

Via Dolorosa: Stations of the Cross

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Protestant Garden Tomb Eucharistic Service

Overnight in Jerusalem


Wednesday, June 29

Departure Home

Or Free Day for Jordan Extension Travelers

Thursday, June 30

Cross the Border to Jordan 

Mt. Nebo 

Travel to Petra 

Overnight in Petra 

Friday, July 1

Petra  Morning Tour

Petra Free Afternoon

Overnight in Petra

Saturday, July 2

Drive back to Border Crossing

Border Crossing

Overnight in Jerusalem

Sunday, July 3

Departure Home 


PRICE $2,850
Jordan Extension $800


• Sightseeing in deluxe private air-conditioned motor coach
• Accommodations for Hotels - double occupancy - 2 per room
• Breakfast and dinner at Hotel daily
• Service charges, portage and taxes for accommodations
• 1 Lunch in Sea of Galilee
• Services of a licensed English-speaking guide
• All entrance fees
• Boat ride at Sea of Galilee
• Entry to Dead Sea

• Entry to Petra
• Tips for driver and tour guide
• Admin fees


Flights, Taxi to hotel if arrival time is outside of arrival window, Travel insurance,

daily lunches except for 1 lunch in Sea of Galilee, costs for items not on table,

d’hôte menus such as water or other beverages at dinner, laundry, telephone calls, or services other than those specifically mentioned.

For Single Supplement Room: Add $680 to price

Jordan Single Supplement Room: Add $250 to price

Pastor Judy Peterson

Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 12.51.11 PM.png

I am a contemplative extrovert, a daily walker, a long thinker, a tenacious optimist and a decent traveling companion for those who have no need to arrive, but who love the learning and transformation that a journey holds. 


I have been seeking to live an embodied faith; one that loves God and loves my neighbor for over 25 years, primarily within an urban context, but most recently in a context that has a bit more wide open space. I have little interest in beliefs that are never fleshed out and have long been committed to caring for real people as they walk through their real lives.


I am a Christian by faith, a follower of Jesus by practice and a pastor by vocation. My Christian faith centers a God who loves all of creation, who will redeem all that life degrades and who sustains the world through all of the life, death and resurrection that takes place. My belief is that the person of Jesus was the full revelation of this God and is the one who revealed the embodied patterns that best love, redeem and sustain the world, which is why I am seeking to follow him. My vocation is best described as a call to walk with others as they seek to walk with this God.


My desire to live an embodied faith led me to take my first pilgrimage almost 25 years ago, a journey of 4200 miles from the Pacific Ocean near Seattle, WA to the Atlantic, near Miami, FL, a journey to learn how to be with God and how to walk with whomever God placed in my path. My second pilgrimage had less of a map, but a more difficult terrain, this was a decade long journey through the grief and loss of 11 pregnancies. I feel well acquainted with the pilgrimage of grief and know both the tenacity required and some of the revelations it can offer. My third pilgrimage has been one primarily focused on walking with those who are marginalized by the systems and structures of our contemporary world. This is a journey I believe I will be on for the rest of my life. 


When Katie first approached me about joining her in leading a pilgrimage to Israel/Palestine I was clear with her that as someone who has never stepped foot on this terrain I felt ill-equipped. She assured me that all she was asking was that I bring what I have to offer; a belief in a God who loves the whole world so much that he put on skin to come and walk with us and show us they way, a willingness to share with the group the embodied practices that have helped me to walk intimately with this God and with the world whom God so loves, my heart for the revelations that can come when we enter the grief and woundedness that is unavoidable in this life and a clarion call to stand with the oppressed even while we refuse to demonize their oppressors. 


I hope you will join us as we take a pilgrimage through a place that contains both a glorious and painful past and present; to learn from those who live in the midst of this pain and glory and to consider the implications of a God who chose this part of the world to be embodied in the flesh of a marginalized people group. Our prayer is that our time together there will forever change the way we choose to walk out our lives wherever our "here" is, from here on out. 


Judy Peterson

Pastor, Spiritual Director

Katie Cavallo

Pilgrimage Director


1. What makes this trip unique?

This is not your cookie cutter Holy Land pilgrimage. This is a trip focused on embodiment practices as we follow the footsteps of Jesus. We will spend time reflecting and processing our experience together. In addition to visiting sites in Israel, we will spend multiple days inside the West Bank learning from peacemakers on the ground. While we will touch many holy stones, we seek to honor the voices of the Living Stones. Jesus traveled through this land caring about people, and so we will, too. Seeking to understand the historical and political situation in Israel and Palestine, we will learn about the effects of trauma on our bodies and cultivate freedom, forgiveness, reconciliation, justice, and peace within ourselves and the world around us.  

2. Can I travel alone? 

Absolutely! A limited number of single rooms are available on this trip. If you would like to have your own room, you'll need to pay an additional $680 for the trip (+$250 for Jordan extension if you choose to continue onto Jordan at the end of the trip). Alternatively, we can pair you with another solo traveler for your hotel stays. If you or we cannot find another solo traveler for you to be paired with, you will need to pay the additional cost for the single room. Should we not be able to accommodate all single room requests, find you a suitable roommate, or you are not able or willing to share, a complete refund will be provided. 

3. Can I reserve a room for 3 people?

Yes. The set-up of the rooms will be different with each hotel or guesthouse.

You may have a twin bed to yourself or you may be in a shared bed. 

4. Is it safe? 

Yes. We will not be going near Gaza. It is more likely that you would be killed in a car accident (or shooting!) here in the United States. Typically, tensions rise during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan each year. If, for some reason, violence spreads outside of Gaza to an area where we are scheduled to visit, we will adjust our trip accordingly. 

5. What will weather be like? 

There are microclimates in Israel and Palestine, with the weather near the coast differing greatly from the mountains, deserts, and Dead Sea area. You can plan for 70s and 80s in most cities, but it can reach in the 90s or 100s near the Dead Sea and in Jordan.

6. How do the flights work? 

This group is coming from many different cities flying into Tel Aviv, so you will have the freedom to fly whenever and wherever you like by booking your own flight. Some pilgrims may prefer to stop in Europe to sightsee on their way to Tel Aviv or arrive early in Tel Aviv to have a few days recovering from jet lag. We want you to be happy with your flight over so you can arrive fully rested for the trip, so you will be in charge of booking your own flight. Flights are not covered in the cost of this trip. As we get closer to the trip and flights open up, we will offer a suggested window of time for arrival at the airport in Tel Aviv. Those who arrive during that suggested window of time (or want to wait for an extended time in the airport) will have access to a bus transfer to our hotel. If you choose a flight that does not arrive near that time, you will need to pay for your own taxi to the hotel in Tel Aviv. If you have any questions or concerns about booking an appropriate flight, don't hesitate to reach out. 

7. What will food be like?

You'll experience a mix of Middle Eastern & Western food. Hotel breakfasts and dinners often serve a variety of food, including western selections. Lunches are typically on the go and often will be Middle Eastern (think falafel sandwiches, chicken kabob, pita bread and hummus). Some days you'll have the opportunity to walk and find a lunch that suits you. On other days, we'll all eat lunch together. (Lunches are not covered in price) You are not forced to eat any of the meals offered to you. Feel free to venture out into the cities to eat whatever you like and experience more of the Holy Land. 


8. How much walking will there be?

 We will be walking many miles a day, sometimes at a brisk pace. You will need to be physically fit to attend this trip. The stones in the old cities are uneven and slippery and these old cities are unfortunately not handicap accessible. There will also be long hours of sitting on the bus to travel from city to city. Thankfully we don't have to walk to the cities like Jesus did! 

9. What are the accommodations like?

Every hotel or guesthouse will be different. Please remember: this is a pilgrimage, not a luxury resort trip. Some may feel like a vacation resort (e.g. Jericho) while others may be in a convent (e.g. Nazareth). If you are traveling with your partner, please be aware that not all accommodations will be able to offer a combined double bed. Some religious guesthouses only offer twin beds, but often they are willing to push them together for married couples. Hotel rooms will be reserved after registration, but this is a list of likely accommodations (or similar) where we will be staying: Metropolitan Hotel in Tel Aviv, Sisters of Nazareth Convent in Nazareth, Oasis Hotel in Jericho, Casa Nova Guesthouse in Bethlehem, Golden Walls Hotel in Jerusalem, and Petra Guesthouse Hotel in Petra. 

10. What is the payment schedule like?

There will be a $500 deposit due with registration, which will be refundable until October 1st. After October 1st, all payments are non-refundable. Your second payment of $1,350 is due by December 1st. Your final payment of $1,000 plus any additional payments for Jordan extension or single supplement rooms are due by March 1st. If you miss or are late on a payment, your spot on the trip may be given to someone on the waitlist. 

11. What happens if I need to cancel? 

Travel insurance is not included in this package. It is not required, but it is encouraged. If you cancel before October 1st, you will receive your full deposit back. If you cancel after October 1st, you must rely on your own personal travel insurance to reimburse you of your losses. It is strongly encouraged that you research and book your own travel insurance before paying your first deposit. 

12. What travel agency are we traveling with?

Harmony Pilgrimages partners with United Travel Ltd., a Palestinian Christian travel agency based in Jerusalem. 


13. What else do I need to know? 

**Covid Vaccinations are Required** Security in Israel is tight. Consequently, your passport information will need to be sent via email to hotels. If you are uncomfortable with this, you should not go on the trip. Also, we will be spending many days in the West Bank interacting with Palestinians. If you work for the military or government, please check with your supervisors to make sure you can travel with us.  Finally, there will be required reading and zoom meetings prior to travel. 


Everything else will be covered in meetings prior to the trip, but please feel free to reach out if you have any concerns or questions you'd like answered before committing!