Tuesday, April 28: Depart

7:00pm Depart from San Diego (British Airways)

Wednesday, April 29: Milan

 1:35pm Arrive in London

3:29pm Depart from London 

6:25pm Arrive in Milan

Dinner and overnight in Milan


Thursday, April 30: Venice


Walking Tour 

Free time for Lunch & Shopping 
Mass at Basilica of St. Mark

Tomb of St. Mark the Evangelist
Dinner: Ristorante Trovatore

Overnight in Padua 


Friday, May 1: Padua, Florence

Mass at St. Anthony's Basilica

Tomb of St. Anthony

Guided Tour of Florence

Overnight in Florence


Saturday, May 2: Florence

Mass at Basilica di Santa Croce

Tombs of Michelangelo, Galileo & Machiavelli
Galleria dell'Accademia Museum

Michelangelo's David 

Tuscan Winery

Overnight in Florence


Sunday, May 3: Siena

Hometown of St. Catherine

Mass at Basilica of San Domenico

Church of the Crucifix: Cross of the Stigmata

Free time for Lunch at Piazza del Campo

Guided Tour of Siena 
Overnight in Assisi 



Monday, May 4: Assisi

Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli

Prayer Retreat

Mass in Lower Basilica of St. Francis
Free time for Lunch and Shopping in Assisi
Basilica of St. Clare
San Damiano

Overnight in Assisi


Tuesday, May 5: Rome

Basilica of Saint Paul’s Outside the Walls

Tomb of St. Paul 

Mass at the Catacombs of St. Calixtus

Appian Way
Panoramic Tour of  "Illuminated Rome at Night"

Night walk to Trevi Fountain

Overnight in Rome


Wednesday, May 6: Rome

Audience with Pope Francis (if in town)

Free time for Lunch and Shopping in Piazza Navona


Mass in the Basilica of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva

Tomb of St. Catherine of Siena

Church of the Gesu: Mother Church of the Jesuit Order

Remains of Saint Ignatius of Loyola

Thursday, May 7: Rome

St. Peter's Basilica
Sistine Chapel 
Mass at Basilica of St. Mary Major

Capitoline Hill

Ancient Roman Forum, Constantine's Arch, the Arch
of Titus, the Circus Maximus and ancient Roman Aqueducts

Pictures outside Colosseum

St. John Lateran, remains of Sts. Peter and Paul

Holy Staircase from Pilate's Palace in Jerusalem 

Farewell Dinner at Ristorante La Carovana

Friday,  May 8: Depart

8:00am Depart from Rome (British Airways)​

 9:50am Arrive in London

1:20pm Depart from London 

4:55pm Arrive in San Diego


PRICE $4,195



• Round trip Economy class air flight ticket from San Diego to Italy with British airways
• All necessary land transportation during the tour includes airport pick up and transfer
• Sightseeing in deluxe private air-conditioned motor coach
• First-class lodging in Hotels - double occupancy - 2 per room 
• Breakfast buffet and dinner daily
• Baggage handling
• All admission and entrance fees
• Transfers, taxes, fuel surcharges
• Gratuities for personnel 


Travel insurance, daily lunches, costs for items not on table (wine),

laundry, telephone calls, or services other than those specifically mentioned.

Single Room available for additional $600

Flight Seat Upgrades available for additional price​


1. Is this a Catholic trip? 

Yes! We will celebrate daily Mass in Basilicas across Italy. This pilgrimage will be a unique experience, allowing you to pray as you follow in the footsteps of your favorite saints. We will also have time for a prayer retreat in Assisi. Finally, there will also be a decent amount of fun and tourism, too (e.g. Tuscan winery!).  


2. Can I go if I'm not Catholic?

Yes, all are welcome! Please be respectful to others on the trip and recognize that it will be centered around Catholic beliefs, saints, and rituals, including Mass at holy sites. 

3. What makes this trip unique?

This Italy trip provides two opportunities that you would regularly not receive through traveling to Italy alone. First, it is an all-inclusive trip. Everything is prepared for you, so you that you can relax and focus on your spiritual formation. Second, along with your English-speaking tour guide, we'll have private full Masses for our group with our own priest (Fr. Kelly) and music (Katie). 

4. Can I travel solo? 

Absolutely! You will be paired with another solo traveler for your hotel stays. If you would like to have your own room, you'll need to pay an additional $600 for the trip. If you or we cannot find another solo traveler for you to be paired with, you will be forced into a single room with the additional cost of $600. 

5. What will weather be like? 

It should average around 60 degrees and with beautiful sunny skies. Spring is a great time to visit Italy! 

6. How will we travel around? 

We'll travel to Milan by plane and then we'll be in a deluxe motor coach with Wifi and air conditioning for the rest of the trip. We will have a licensed tour guide with us for the entire trip, as well as an experienced bus driver. 

7. What will food be like?

You'll experience Western food at the hotels. You'll be on your own for lunch in most town centers, so you can search for your favorite meal in each town. You are not forced to eat the meals at the hotels (although they are very tasty!). Feel free to venture out into the cities to eat whatever you like and experience more of Italy.


8. How much walking will there be?

 Quite a bit, but you will have the ability to sit out anytime you get tired. Feel free to sit on a bench while the group tours a basilica or wait in the air conditioned bus. 

9. What are the accommodations like?

Please remember: this is a pilgrimage, not a luxury resort trip, but we will be staying in 4-star/First Class hotels.

10. Could I bring a relative from out-of-state?

 Sure! The travel agency can help them book their flight from their own city to meet us in London or in Milan. 

11. Can I extend my trip and travel Europe on my own?

Totally! You can travel in with us and stay in Europe after or arrive in Europe before us to travel around and meet us in Milan or our layover. Our travel agent can help book you flights that will sync up with us for the parts you'd like or you can book on your own.

12. What happens if we don't get 20 people?

The trip doesn't happen, so invite your friends and family! 

13. Will you provide another trip during the year?

Currently, this is the only Italy trip for 2020, but other Holy Land trips are being planned for 2020. Reach out if you're interested in going! 

14. Could I bring my children on this trip?

If they are junior high school age or older, absolutely! You must chaperone them on the trip though. 

15. What is the payment schedule like?

You will pay a $500 deposit directly to the travel agency upon registration. The final balance is due two months prior to departure. You are free to make partial payments along the way and you will be mailed an updated statement of account.  You will be asked to include a copy of your passport picture page with your final payment.


16. What happens if I need to cancel?

There are no fees for cancellations at least three months prior to departure.  Penalties only apply once we hit the two-month window. 


17. What organization are we traveling with?

This is a multi-parish wide trip based out of San Diego organized by Katie Cavallo through Catholic Pilgrimage Tours.