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Day 6: Petra

There is not much to say about Petra except WOW! We learned about the Nabataeans and how they established this city around the second century BC. Their work is incredible. Our group walked down together to the Treasury (yes, you may know it from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) and then split up to explore on our own. Many made the long trek and hike to the Monastery. Others rode camels or horse-drawn carriages. Some enjoyed the afternoon to rest in the beautiful hotel at the entrance of the park. The weather was perfect and everyone enjoyed a lovely day. Before and after dinner our group members could be found in the local Cave Bar at our hotel, originally a 2,000 year old Nabataean tomb! For those who still had energy, we went out again after dinner to "Petra by Night", where local Bedouins set up candles to light our way into the Treasury, play music for us, drink tea, and tell us a short Bedouin story. At the end they lit up the Treasury. The next morning our bus was set to depart at 8:30am, but some in our group went down to the Treasury for a third time to catch it in its early morning glory without other tourists around.

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